Business Salling day

Students possess strong sales acumen and skills, while demonstrating outstanding leadership qualities. They are able to step seamlessly into our internship and leadership development programs and are able to make an impact from day one.

Students are bright, talented, dedicated to their studies, and committed to being the best salespeople they can be.  They support their communities and believe/want to make a difference in the world.

The program continues to impress me with the caliber of students it produces and its overwhelming investment in future sellers. I am so grateful Rackspace has the opportunity to work hand and hand.

The Sales, Marketing, and Business Development Diploma program was designed for driven, motivated learners looking to join the fast paced world of business. Skills in sales and marketing are becoming increasingly valuable (and rare) in the growing global marketplace, and the time is now to take advantage of the strength of the economy and business world. It’s time to make your mark.

This is an intensive program, specifically targeting the skills necessary to thrive in a fast-paced environment. We refuse to rely solely on traditional methods like lectures and textbook readings; instead our instructors focus on case studies, simulation activities, guests and outings, and exercises to help you develop and practice the skills you need to give you an edge in the business world. Our goal is to ensure that you become a seasoned Sales & Marketing Professional who has everything it takes to succeed – all before graduation day.