To provide high quality formal and non formal education and training to all girls and women irrespective of their financial, social, cultural background, mainly to those from economically weaker section of society, at an affordable cost for their economic, social, cultural upliftment as well as holistic development with the ultimate objective of improving their quality of life in totality and moulding them into change agents for accelerating socio-economic-development of the class they come from, implementing fair and best practices, bringing about continuous improvement and providing transparent administration of all institutes of the Mandal.



 The Vision shall be achieved by....

  • Developing suitable infrastructure for imparting multidiscipline education at Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary, Graduate and Post Graduate levels covering Professional, Technical, Commerce and Arts /Humanities areas.
  • Providing non formal and continuing education imparting physical, technical and intellectual skills, while promoting entrepreneurship and self empowerment of women.
  • Continuous development of teachers and staff in all institutions.
  • Engaging students in various extra and co-curricular activities for their holistic development.
  • Providing opportunities to persons and institutions to discharge their individual and Corporate Social Responsibility by sharing a part of their wealth to promote the above goals.