Bachelor Of Arts (B.A.)

Many students are off the opinion that Art faculty has very less career opportunity options than commerce or science. However, it’s not true. Arts is a vast stream in itself and offers a variety of career options and is one of the best fields to pursue a future career. The subjects like English Literature, Foreign Languages, Sociology, Psychology, History, and Economics are now a days into main stream. Many of the biggies of different industries hold a Bachelors degree in Arts and are now the people who have changed the face of the country and have brought about different changes.

“The Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) is distinguished by its humanistic emphasis. Students who complete a BA may satisfy the degree requirements by taking courses that advance their understanding of human culture through analysis of ideas; perception of differences; appreciation of art and creative products through understanding art forms, beauty, and symmetry; knowledge of theories and principles of form, substance, argument and philosophy understanding of the interaction between language”.


To make students aware of the values and norms of society.

To promote teaching and research studies in disciplines of societal relevance.

To provide proper environment for the development of the students

To make available innumerable opportunities for students’ personal development.

To provide proper environment for the development of the students.

To make them aware for career planning and better life




Any 12th pass student (Arts, Commerce, and Science) from GSEB board or equivalent can apply. Minimum standard for admission is as per MKBU admission rules.